Experience a different type of workout:
a bellicon workout!

Skip the traditional workout and do this. Welcome to bellicon Studio. Time to spice up your workout!

Choose from eight different class styles:

NEW: bellicon BEAT

bellicon BEAT is filled with cardio and fun choreography that is guaranteed to leave you challenged and feeling rejuvenated. Every week you will be able to build upon your dance skills and improve your coordination with each song set to choreography. 

NEW: Postnatal Specialty Class

Join us to build your pelvic floor muscles post baby with this 8 week series. Each week focuses on pelvic floor recovery as well as adding strength to your abdominal and back muscles while releasing stiffness in the lower back. Give your body the attention it needs post baby. Perhaps the most fun is getting to meet a group of new moms!


bellicon Move is an open level class for anyone with injuries or needing modifications as well as the individual who wants a relaxing and rejuvenating workout. 


bellicon Bounce is a cardio and strength interval training class. We circuit strength exercises that tone the lower body, upper body, and core with calorie burning cardio circuits.

HIIT Circuit

bellicon Circle is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class. This class challenges strength, stability, endurance, speed, and coordination utilizing various stations. 

Pilates + Bounce

20 minutes of pilates mat, 20 minutes of gentle bouncing, and a 5 minute stretch will set your core, your posture, your heart, and your soul up for the day. 

Barre + Bounce

Barre + Bounce is a combo class that brings together the benefits of barre work and rebounding. In this class you will circuit between barre exercises using the bellicon t-bar and cardio. 

bellicon Live DJ class

Jump into your weekend with a live DJ, killer tunes and full-body fitness at bellicon Studio with a high energy bouncing session! 

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Blog Updates:

“I’m so glad that I found bellicon Studio here in Chicago. It’s become my favorite source of exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore. The instructors are great, keep their workout playlists current, and have created a really fun and encouraging space. The workout itself is awesome - super low impact on the joints, fantastic cardio, and the instructors are good at mixing in core and toning exercises - it’s the full package! I recommend it to all of my friends.”
— Laura (2016)

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