Experience a different type of workout:
a bellicon workout!

Skip the traditional workout and do this. Welcome to bellicon Studio. Time to spice up your workout!

Choose from six different class styles:


bellicon Move is an open level class for anyone with injuries or needing modifications as well as the individual who wants a relaxing and rejuvenating workout. 


bellicon Bounce is a cardio and strength interval training class. We circuit strength exercises that tone the lower body, upper body, and core with calorie burning cardio circuits.


bellicon Circle is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class. This class challenges strength, stability, endurance, speed, and coordination utilizing various stations. 

Pilates + Bounce

20 minutes of pilates mat, 20 minutes of gentle bouncing, and a 5 minute stretch will set your core, your posture, your heart, and your soul up for the day. 

Barre + Bounce

Barre + Bounce is a combo class that brings together the benefits of barre work and rebounding. In this class you will circuit between barre exercises using the bellicon t-bar and cardio. 

bellicon Live DJ class

Jump into your weekend with a live DJ, killer tunes and full-body fitness at bellicon Studio with a high energy bouncing session! 

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Blog Updates:

“I’m so glad that I found bellicon Studio here in Chicago. It’s become my favorite source of exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore. The instructors are great, keep their workout playlists current, and have created a really fun and encouraging space. The workout itself is awesome - super low impact on the joints, fantastic cardio, and the instructors are good at mixing in core and toning exercises - it’s the full package! I recommend it to all of my friends.”
— Laura (2016)