What is bellicon Studio?

bellicon Studio is the country's first rebounding studio utilizing the world's highest quality mini-trampolines: the bellicon. Each class is 45 minutes and consists of balance training, coordination training, and circuit training alternating between strength and cardio. The bellicon experience is like no other – the ultra-elastic bungees are low-impact, meaning you won't feel the aftermath of what running on a treadmill would do to your joints once you've completed your work out. Driven by great music, you will burn tons of calories, build up your endurance, tone your entire body AND you'll have fun every minute. New to rebounding? Don't worry – bellicon classes are for everyone!

bellicon Studio Frontdesk

bellicon Studio Frontdesk


What to expect: First Timers

Good news! If you are new to rebounding you are not alone. Arrive 15 minutes before class to check in. Bring a water bottle and socks with grippers. Our friendly desk staff will give you a towel, show you around the space and help you choose a bellicon. Not ready to go hands-free? Worry not, we have t-bars available to customize your experience. 

bellicon Studio exercise area

Before Class checklist

  • Sign up online

  • Wear comfortable and supportive workout clothes

  • Bring socks with grippers to ensure safe, non slip bouncing

  • Bring a water bottle to refill at our water bottle station

  • Avoid eating a huge meal right before your workout

  • Check out our FAQs and Policies page for more info

After CLASS checklist

  • Refresh in our Studio shower and changing area (towels available)

  • Send us feedback! We like to hear from you!

  • Hang out in our bellicon Studio lounge (ask our staff about taking a bellicon home!)

  • Follow each class with a nice glass of water and a light meal or protein rich smoothie

bellicon Studio Lounge

bellicon Studio Lounge

bellicon Studio hanging chairs

bellicon Studio hanging chairs

“I have learned so much attending classes at the bellicon studio. The instructors are really knowledgeable and every class has great music, is challenging and a lot of fun. The classes have helped my cardiovascular endurance and I burn a ton of calories. I really like that they have classes for all levels and the bellicon team is so friendly and warm.”
– Stacy (2016)

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