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bellicon: Our Lymphatic System’s New Best Friend

In today’s society detoxification is “in.” We’ve tried it all - detox juice cleanses, detox spas, and detox diets. I’ve even read about detoxifying foot pads. These are all tricks and trends used as an attempt to jumpstart a vital function in the body - the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is an integral part of our immune system. To simplify it’s role one could say it is our bodies’ own built-in detox method. While diet and relaxation are important lifestyle choices, exercise is key in moving lymph fluid through the body. Here’s how it works: The lymphatic system is a complex network of lymph vessels and organs that flushes toxins and other waste substances out of the body through the blood stream. It also carries nutrients to the cells. This exchange creates a healthy immune system and therefore healthy body.

What happens if our lymphatic system does not function properly?

The lymphatic system does not have it’s own pump to keep fluids flowing (unlike our circulatory system which has the heart). We must create our own pump and one of the main ways to do this is through exercise. Without exercise our lymphatic system can get congested. Waste and toxins can build up and create fatigue, illness, swelling, and pain. In addition cells cannot absorb the healthy nutrients they require, making them susceptible to illness.

What kind of exercise is most effective to improve lymph flow?

While any exercise is beneficial to improve the flow of lymph fluid, certain types of exercise will get lymph fluid flowing more effectively. This is because the lymphatic system is made up of one-way valves that run in the same direction, moving up and down the arms, legs, and torso. Most of us have tread mills in our gyms; others choose to cycle or run outside. While these are great exercise forms, our bodies are only moving on a horizontal plane. Since the lymphatic system has one-way valves, the most effective way to get them flowing is by moving on a vertical plane (up and down). This is where bouncing or rebounding on the bellicon comes in. An added benefit of rebounding is the activation of all muscles, both voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles, which also aids in additional lymph flow. Check out the diagrams at the bottom of the page for a visual.

Why bellicon?

Using a bellicon rebounder is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your lymphatic system. Now, there are other exercise forms that incorporate vertical movement. Take jumping rope as an example. One could also jump rope, but only for a limited period of time since jumping on a hard surface will exhaust you and put strain on the joints. The bellicon mat and soft bungees absorbs most of the shock making it gentle on the joints. This means we can rebound for longer periods of time and therefore get our lymphatic system moving at it’s best. While utilizing the soft bungees of the bellicon, you can enjoy a gentle bounce. Check out bellicon moves on our online platform that will help get your lymphatic system moving. Happy bouncing!