Calories in and out

Summer is getting close, or so we hope, and so is the calories count

We always look forward to summer and with that comes the consciousness of having to expose parts of our body! What to do then? First thought goes to all those “good” resolutions; more physical exercise, a stricter diet or heathier eating with smaller portions.

Some people exercise all year round, and might also be thin as a stick: as such, they do not know what “being on a diet” means. (lucky them!) They don’t count their calories intake although most likely they never exceed the recommended levels, but they might pay a lot of attention to the quality of their calories.

As a matter of fact at bellicon we believe that calories’ quality is really important to achieve the most correct, daily nutritional needs.

The reason is that not all calories are created equal. As an example: 100 calories from cookies which are rich in sugar and butter are very different from the same quantity of calories provided by nuts, walnuts or almonds as these latter provide also proteins, minerals and vitamins. We also wonder why we should favor skim chocolate milk instead of whole milk for our kids: is a little bit more of fat worse than the sucrose contained in chocolate?

No nutrient is evil, each of them is vital if taken in a correct quantity. This is why we can eat pasta, cheese, meat and fish, vegetable and fruit, but try to make each meal a balanced one including carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, fats, vitamins and minerals.

And then move, a lot. At least walk. If you happen to own a sweet and funny little dog, he will take you out for walks: there is no better stimuli for some exercise. On top try to avoid escalators and walk up the stairs, instead of jumping on a bus for a couple of stop just walk, and in any case always find the time to go to the gym. But if you do not have this time available, use a wonderful bellicon: happily jump like a kid, following one of the be360 online workout program created by Fayth. Fun, stimulating but above all, extremely healthy.

As you see, it is easy to find your balance and we invite you all to do the same…with moderation!