The secret of rebounding


Why are we so keen about rebounding? Because we use gravity at our advantage

The first major study to reveal the extraordinary fitness benefits of bouncing on a trampoline (also known as “rebounding”) was published over thirty years ago.

In 1980, while searching for the best exercise to help astronauts regain their physical fitness after returning from long space voyages, NASA scientists discovered that exercising on a trampoline was better than anything else they studied, including running, isometric (muscular engagement without movement) and isotonic (weight lifting) exercise. Not only was it better as a cardiovascular exercise, which was surprising enough, but they also found that it provided greater muscular involvement than running.

It also proved to be significantly better at increasing bone mass, which was of particular interest to them since astronauts typically suffered from a loss of bone strength during their time in zero gravity environments.

The fact that bouncing is so unusually beneficial begins to make more sense when you consider the fact that all exercise is essentially a fight against gravity.

Our entire physical life, from the cradle to the grave, can be characterized as working against, or giving into, gravity. Whether it’s an infant lifting her head for the first time, a toddler standing and falling as he learns to walk, or an adult leaping over a puddle, our days are filled with ups and downs. Jumping is the purest, most fundamental way that we increase our body’s engagement with this gravitational cycle, and our bodies thrive on it because they’ve been designed for it.

This actually explains why rebounding has such a ridiculously long list of fitness and health benefits: it provides higher doses of the exact kind of natural physical stimulation that our bodies crave than other forms of exercise. It also accomplishes this task very efficiently, making it a perfect, easily accessible antidote to the kind of modern, sedentary lifestyle that has become so common in the last few decades and is proving to be so destructive to our health.

In essence, “rebounding” is taking other forms of exercise and increasing their benefits by performing them on a trampoline, which adds waves of gravitational forces to every movement and waves of fun: we dare you… try it out, it’s nearly impossible to workout on bellicon trampolines without smiling!!