Choosing the best sport bra

You might think you are wearing a perfectly acceptable sports bra. In fact, you are probably not!

Worse scenario? You are probably a small breasted woman who don’t think you need the flattening or sometimes uncomfortable support that sports bras provide!

Both cases, you are doing something wrong to your breast. The right breast support is essential during workout, especially high-impact one.

Lack of breast support can lead to breast injury from tissue moving up and down, in and out or side to side, can create back pain and discomfort, including unpleasant stretch marks and sagging.

Definitely a sports bra is a must wear, you’d agree now!! But not all sports bras are made the same: so let’s find out what’s best for you.

“Compression” bras create stability but press down against the chest wall, which is the worst way to support especially for bigger cup sizes and high-impact workouts. For these women “encapsulation” sports bras, with individual cups, are much better and more supportive.

“Racerback” straps (or t-backs) can anchor the bra closer to the body, providing more support while the “wide” straps (the regular shoulder straps) distribute the weight better and are more likely padded.

“Pullover” tank styles cover the back more but will most likely lack the rigid front straps, adjustability and support to anchor larger breast which come instead from the “back clasp” sports bras.

Finally, a thought about the material the sports bras are made of: typically more intense workouts will make you sweat. You could actually trap moisture under your breast which can cause a rash. A bra made with a fabric not incubating moist would be the best choice for you.

Healthy exercising goes hand in hand with best workout gears too and for women, sports bras are of utmost importance. Do not miss on them, treat your breast well.

behealthy and beradiant!