Your Tunes Can Make (or break) Your Workout!

Music has a very big influence on the type of workout you want to execute. Whether you want to pump yourself up through cardio, intensify a strength training session, or relax into a cool down, music can help guide and motivate your body through these movements.

Specific playlists can help you push through an entire workout and leave you feeling amazing and accomplished.

Every bellicon class has specific music adapted to help your body push through cardio and strength, and also prepare you through warm ups and ease you into cool downs.

bellicon Bounce consists of a lot of high tempo pump up music to motivate you to bounce to a fast paced beat, increasing your heart rate. On the other hand, bellicon Circle has more intense music (not necessarily fast paced) but to get your mindset ready for short bouts of high intensity interval training.

Stop by the bellicon Studio to try out a class! Let the instructors pump you up with fun fast paced music and get your mindset in that workout mood!