what to eat before and after your bounce

What are healthy pre and post workout snacks or meals?

One of the most commonly asked questions about rebounding that leaves people very curious and confused is: what should I have before the bellicon workout? Whether it’s a meal, a light snack, or a beverage, it’s an important contributory factor to your workout.

The best way to answer this question is to remind yourself that you are about to engage in physical activity. The last thing you want to do is overeat to the point where you feel nauseous and queasy while exercising, or overloaded with fluids. However, energy is important to have a successful workout so we do recommend eating something light.

A smart choice could be a protein bar or smoothie with protein in it on your way to the gym with a bottle of water. It will keep you satisfied and give you the right amount of energy to push you through your morning workout and lead you into breakfast.

Do you workout mid afternoon or after work? Let your lunch meal settle an hour or more before exercising. Some fruit and nuts are also a good snack to consume late afternoon before a workout.

Post workout be sure to replenish your energy and hydrate. Hydration is especially important after a bellicon class since fluids are efficiently moved through the body. 

Every trainer has their own best kept secret snack that gets them ready to power through a workout, so lets hear from our very own bellicon Studio trainers!

Trish: “What I really like to have is hard boiled egg or a smoothie (with cashew milk) with a banana & egg white protein powder.

Tiziana: “I eat carbohydrates before the bouncing to have enough glucose to provide energy to the muscles. If my workout consists a lot of endurance and is more aerobic, I eat a lot of protein after to replenish my body."

Keep bouncing and feeling great before and after a class at bellicon Studio!