New Class: Pilates + Bounce

bellicon Studio is introducing a brand new class: Pilates + Bounce!

This class is great if you are interested in strengthening your core while also incorporating some light cardio. The class breakdown  is 20 minutes of pilates on the mat, mixed in with 20 minutes of gentle bouncing, and 5 minutes of stretching to finish things off.

No previous pilates knowledge is needed! If you’ve never tried pilates or are interested in some strong core workouts, then this is the perfect class for you!

Our very own Master Trainer, Tiziana has excellent knowledge of Pilates workouts and shares some of the benefits with us:

“Pilates is the perfect workout to strengthen and keep the core strong. A strong core is the foundation for a correct posture which by default means avoiding back and hips aches, and shoulder and neck tension. A strong core allows also the peripheral muscles to be more flexible, stable and mobile.”

Tiziana, How can Pilates contribute to bouncing on the bellicon?

“When we then get on the bellicon and start bouncing we need to hold the correct posture  in order to ensure the body is standing up and moving correctly, a guarantee to avoid falling off the trampoline. If the posture is trained through pilates, we will bounce effortlessly but efficiently.”

Come join us at bellicon Studio for Pilates + Bounce!!